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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 13, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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thanks for watching. "studio b" starts with shep right now. >> shepard: to the news begins anew on "studio b." two friends of the boston bombing suspect, in court charged with getting rid of evidence. the hollywood star jason patrick locked in a bitter custody excuse. and pushing for a brand flu -- brand new law that could change the fate of parental rights. >> the feds announcing they are trying to block one of the biggest mergers in the airline industry history. the department of justice says fliers would get the shaft of
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the but is that the full story? all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." first at 3:00 in new york city, trashing at the ballpark, a baseball fan fell more than 60 feet to his death at a game last night. happened at turner field in atlanta. home of the braves. here's a picture of the man. he was 30 years old. witnesses say he fell from a railing, from an upper level platform. police say they found him in a parking lot six stories below that level. you can see what appears to be blood and clothes there. absolutely awful scene. heavy rains tee laid the start of the game for nearly two hours. cops say they're not sure whether those conditions or alcohol or what contributed to the fall but they say it does appear have been an accident. he is the second deadly fall at turner field in five years. and at least the second time a person has fall 'to his or her death at a stadium in atlanta in the past year. jonathan is live with us.
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what else do we know about this victim? >> the medical examiner released the identity of the victim this morning. 30-year-old ronald homer, jr., said to be a landscaper and a life-long fan of the atlanta braves. he lived in conyers, georgia, suburb to the east of atlanta. his mother says she spoke with her son by cell phone moments before the fall. he told her they rain was beginning to let up and he was about to go back in and watch the game. he son ended the call telling his mother that he loved her. shep? >> shepard: i mentioned that police say this does appear to be an accident. they're pretty sure about that. >> they are pretty sure. i they do not believe that foul play was involve, and minutes ago the medical examiner released preliminary results front an autopsy. the medical examiner saying that the autopsy is revealed the cause of death was blunt force
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trauma that resulted from an 85-foot fall. so apparently the distance much greater than the 60 to 65 feet that we originally had heard this morning and that blunt force trauma caused by his impact, obviously, with the pavement below. that deck he fell from was overlooking the players parking lot. the medical examiner's office is waiting on toxicology tests, which could take weeks, before we hear the results on that. shep? >> shepard: awful news out of atlanta. two friends of the accused boston marathon bomber, stood before a judge an hour ago. and pleaded not guilty to charges of obstructing justice. the fbi reports these two friends reached out to the bombing suspect, gentleman dzhokar tsarnaev soon after the feds released the photo of the
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suspect. according to the u.s. attorney's office, tsarnaev responded to his friends with a text, part of which reads: if you want you can go to my room and take what's there. that's when prosecutors say the two friends snatched the backpack, a laptop computer and fireworks from the suspected bomber's dorm room. the fireworks turned up in a nearby landfill. you may remember the two friends appeared in court in may, but that was on lesser charges of conspiracy. less than a week ago prosecutors filed these obstruction of justice charges which could put both men behind bars for many, many years. molly lions is outside the courthouse in boston. what went on inside? >> both of these young men in their orange prison jump suits and sat with their individual attorneys at their tables. both men are 19 years old, they're now facing more than 20 years in prison, large fines and ultimately deportation, charged with conspiracy to obstruct
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justice and obstruction of justice. they each spoke aloud individually, stating they're not guilty pleas before the court. they have been remanded to custody. prosecutors also noted today that a trial would take about two weeks and they expect to call 15 to 20 witnesses. >> anything from the families of the men? >> absolutely. robert stall, the attorney for one stepped out of the courthouse, speaking with the press on behalf of the family and says the families' brothers go out to the victims and their families and young sons. they're very sorry and did -- he did not intentionally involve himself in this. >> we hope and pray that the sheer magnitude and the level of violence of a bombing like this does not blind justice and that he is able to obtain a fair trial, and at the end of all the evidence to be acquitted and return home to his family in kazakhstan. >> also in the courtroom the
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father of the other defendant, with his wife and other siblings in this case so show their support. >> shepard: molly, thanks. get some legal opinions on this. more than anything else it's unfortunate there's not charge for stupidity. >> definitely would be guilty of that. here's the question. how stupid were they? because the defense strategy, our clients knewing in. they were dumb to the crime, therefore they can't be convicted of conspiracy and obstruction. but you get a text from a friend that in essence says, hey, i got some stuff in my room, you can take it you want to, and they take it to a dump where they hope nobody is going to find it. how stupid they were. if that's wilful demness they're going to get convicted pretty quickly. >> you don't have to know about the acts prior to the act takes place. >> you don't have to know about the act but you have to have some knowledge that what you're
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doing is wrong. here's an exam i love because i love prada. if i sell you prada purse for 50 bucks out of the bask of the struck it's genuine, you're going to have a pretty good idea i stole that property and when the cops come, you can't say, i didn't know it was stolen. you knew or should have known. the same thing here. the hayed a laptop and hid explosives that were direct evidence of the crime and got rid of it for their buddy. they're guilty. >> shepard: guilty of obstruction in the end, they didn't do anything that hurt anybody, they might have hurt the investigation, and not -- not excusing anything. just saying, why not just kick them out of the country and never let them come back. >> they should find out -- they might know more. they might know even more and let's make sure that this guy, the bomber, never sees the light of day. get the information from the two college friends and then send them out of the country, don't
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let think back in. that's a better use of our time and money. >> shepard: if they did know about the bomb untilledled a advance -- maybe they did because they knew what to do -- they knew in advance and didn't tell anybody, that's a crime. >> maybe we need them more to lock this guy in to the charges. so many charges against him. maybe wey them that way, get rid of them and never let them back in the country. that what i would rather see happen. >> shepard: there's a bigger metage for young people and that is, if your presented does something bad, do -- if frow friend does something bad, do not cover it up. >> if your friend says hold this, don't do it. >> shepard: they said, we're sorry. that's not enough. >> heck, no. >> shepard: how long you think this goes in. >> this trial? >> shepard: yes. >> very cut and dry. not has long.
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>> shepard: teenagers caught on camera beating another student. today they're in a court in florida. the father of one of the suspects is speaking about his son's role. a florida hood shooting suspect is in court and now chilling new details about what major indianaal hassan said before the attack. ♪ (announcer) answer the call of the grill with n friskies grillers, full of meaty tenders and crunchy bites.
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>> shepard: the father of one of three teenagees charged in a brutal beating cotts on camera -- oops. i was supposed to talk about the dow first. very exciting. show that again. a weird thing happened at 12:30 today. see this? this chart over here -- it's been going down all day and you can see it -- 10:00 and then 11:00 and then half after 12 we go to the green. there's a reason for that. the director of thed in atlanta came forward and said, not in these exact words -- we're going
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to continue to buy up bonds. and as a result, the market went from way down to way up. so we're up, what, 45 at the moment. expect that to continue. unless another fed says something different. now to the father of one of the three teenagers caught in the brutal beating on a school bus. he said his son is sorry. the father made the comment as his son and the other juveniles headed to court. surveillance video from inside the bus is brutal. shows the teens pummeling another student. we beeped a lot of it. you can imagine while. they kicked him and stomped him while he was done. the victim has two black eyes and a broken arm. the critics blasted the driver for not physically stepping in to stop the attack. police have said those three teenagers targeted the victim because he told officials at their dropout prevention school that at least one of them tried to sell marijuana to him. in other words, they beat him up
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for snitching. phil is live in clear water for us. the defendant has different attorneys in court today. right? >> they all have public defenders and they all had quite a different demeanor in front of the judge versus the violence each is alleged to have cause on the school bus. all three standing at attention, answering every question by the judge, and they all learn how lucky they are not to be charged as adults because then they could be looking at serious jail time. they were all charged with aggravated battery. we con fronted all three about the attack on the teenager and the 50 punches and kicks. none told us he was sore, allow julian mcknight's father says he feels remorseful. >> the consequences, just the way it is.
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they not a bad person. just got mixed with the bad people. that's it. >> julian, want to say anything? >> the apatient ringleader of the attack, joshua redon, went past and jumped in the car. is charmed with stealing the victim's five dollars. >> what are prosecutors saying as far as punishment? >> they want to deliver a serious message here. no contact with the victim, random drug tests. currently all three are expelled from school, and before the judge issues the punishment, prosecutors first want to play in court the entire school bus beating to -- so that the judge sees and it they want to have the 13-year-old victim an opportunity, if he want, to come
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to court and testify two weeks from today. he was not here today, although we're told he is recovering pretty much as best as could be expected. >> shepard: thank you. the fort hood trial now and we're learning that months after the tedly attack, the suspect, major nadal hassan, said he believed he could still be a martyr of he u.s. government convicted him and killed him. that's according to the report in the "new york times," today citing an interview with mental health expects in 2010. he is representing himself at the trial and his standbe attorneyses, required, have already told the judge they believe he is trying to get the death penalty. today in court the crime scene was described as gruesome. prosecutors say major hasan killed 13 people and wounded dozens more when he opened fire
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in fort hood. >> hollywood actor jason patrick locked in a heated custody battle that could change the laws of parental rights, and the question is whether a sperm donor should have the right of any other father? it's a very interesting legal situation. the bottom line is the mother of the child does not want this man involved in that child's life. the live report, legal analysis, just ahead.
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>> shepard: an actor's custody battle has sparked big debate. involves the actor jason patrick. he standard in "the lost boys" and here's his back story. he had a son with this woman. his now ex-girlfriend. this was three years ago.
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they conceived the child through artificial insemination but jason patrick says when their relationship fell apart the mother claimed sole custody. the judge ruled he was just a sperm donor under law and now the actor is taking his fight to the legislature. what is jason patrick pushing for here exactly? >> when jason patrick was ruled by the judge to only be a sperm donor, the judge actually cited a california law that was passed a couple of years ago, and that law was written by a state senator named jerry hill, and now jerry hill says the law needs to be craved -- clarified to make sure parental rights are not stripped away. the new law would allow sperm for parental rights -- a big if -- they can show a certain level of involvement in a child's life. >> so, sb115 doesn't give me my
12:22 pm
son back. i don't know if it gives mr. korea his son back. but it gives standing for men to constitutionally get their rights and go into court and say, i'm the dad. and let a judge decide if he is not. >> what he saying he gets a chance to fight for his son. this new bill has passed the state senate. it now goes to the state assembly. >> shepard: there's a lot of opposition to changing this law. >> sure. the national organization for women is against this, so is planned parenthood, saying it raise is serious concerns especially for same-sex couples and single mothers because it takes away their certainty. what happens is this vague rule or law that if you get involved in your child's life, the question is, how deep is the involvement and that could be at any certain level. in fact, the lawyer for danielle
12:23 pm
schreiber, just said if a woman. does not have certainty about her child and you can come back at any point in time and ask for legal rights to the child, why would any woman theny a sperm donor in the first place? testimony is still going on right now in sacramento. >> shepard: let's bring in family law attorney, monica lindstrom. it's not as if this woman went out to a sperm donor and got somebody at random or somebody she didn't know. this is her boyfriend. and this guy was acting as father. maybe they didn't have the paperwork there but they had this child together, though through artificial inseptember nation now they break up and it's not as if we're talking about guy who has been in legal trouble or moral problems. seems like a guy who might be a pretty good father and she is denying that child the opportunity to have a father. that seems a little wrong. >> itself really does because when you look at the factual
12:24 pm
background, like you just explained, it wasn't aknopp mouse. he was involved with her. they had a relationship and they chose to have a child together. even though they had to have assistance in that through ivf or whatever it was, he still made the decision and she made the decision to do it together. so, i think that that's almost a separate issue than the legislation being proposed. in the proposed legislation they're saying that any sperm donor, whether it's a anonymous, friends, whether it is a man to a same-sex couple, women, that are -- that is giving his sperm, they can come back at any point in time and prove to the court they should have parental rights, and i agree that there are some people that are very upset about that because it takes away the certainty. so, they do need to take this legislation back, argue about it some more, discuss it, and try to find ways around that so they can have the certainty that is necessary, but also give someone
12:25 pm
like jason patric, who was the boyfriend, rights or at least the opportunity to go and argue for it, shep. >> shepard: ought to have the right. you know, if they had had this child naturally, just had sex and had a child issue this would be moot. i don't understand it's a difference. it's his life and her life coming together to create another life. maybe i'm just a simpletop but that's how it seems to me. >> it's very different than the situation where you have an anonymous sperm bank or something like that, where the person didn't want to be involve at all. it's very different. in that case i can understand why people are very upset because, leak they said, at any point in time this anonymous person could come back and try to get a relationship with the child and then try to get the parental rights. that's scary. put it simply, that's scary. but that's not the situation with jason patric. >> shepard: here where is the hairs separate.
12:26 pm
jason patric said he signed an intended parent document, whatever that is, and spent significant time with the boy until the girlfriend cut off his access. while her attorneys say his involvement was based on dating her, not as the boy's intend father, and i say, are you kidding me? >> that is going to have to be something for a judge to decide, and obviously this judge decided for her, which we must not know the rest of the story. there's got to be more. >> shepard: better be. >> if there is a contract in place that one person signed saying done the sperm donor signed saying i will stay out of the kid's life, that's certainty. but if you ask me if a father wants to come into the child's life, he would rather be found in breach of contract than not have the parental rights with the child later on. i don't know how good a contract will if actually be. >> shepard: monica, nice to see you. thank you.
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>> thanks. >> shepard: a new push to block a proposed merge which the fades say would create the largest airline in all the world. u.s. attorneys say that would cause prices to go up for everybody. but representatives for the airlines say, not this time. we'll listen to both sides. and look at this. thousands of first responders training for a nuclear terror attack on a massive scale. training for a nuclear terror attack. they used to just do duck and cover. now they seem to be pretending there can be something we can do about this matter. who knows. maybe there is. coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on "studio b." the postal service is critical to our economy.
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delivering mail, medicine and packages, yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service and want to layoff over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem? a burden no other agency
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>> shepard: this is "studio b." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. we're learning that militants formerly known as al qaeda in iraq are now playing a huge role in the front lines in syria. this happened in just the past four months after the al qaeda group changed its name to the islamic state of iraq. according to the "washington post" the group has tried to win over crowds in syria, even handing out teletubies. but they're still the same group trying to gain a foothold in
12:32 pm
sierra. more than 100,000 people have died in the two-year-long civil war. jennifer, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is in the middle east and spoke out about syria. >> general dempsey told reporters traveling with him that the u.s. is better able to differentiate and separate out the antiassad syrian factions, separating the moderate groups from the al qaeda linked groups, but what he didn't say is an estimated 17,000 foreign fighters, many of them sympathetic to al qaeda, coming from europe, have flooded into sera and those who fought for al qaeda in iraq have announced the formation of the islamic republic of iraq. there's even more concern in the wake of that prison break at the end of july in iraq in which 500
12:33 pm
hardened iraqis were busted out of abu -- abu grain prison. >> we have been very busy with the droning in yemen. have he killed anybody we wanted to kill? >> we're told there -- there haven't been any household names killed in the drone strike friday the last two weeks. there will reports in the last 24 hours the notorious bombmaker, who is known for making surgically implanted bombs, that he was injured or killed by a u.s. drone strike overnight, but u.s. officials say there is no indication that is true at this time. there have been, though, a steady clip of drone strikes in yemen in the past two weeks and he is still on the list. >> shepard: thousands of soldiers joined state and federal agencies for an enormous training exercise.
12:34 pm
they tell us to prepare for potential nuclear attack on an american city. the exercise includes an elaborate urban landscape, with burned out buildings, trashed vehicles and people covered in fake blood, acting as survivors. all of this on the grounds of a former hospital complex in butlerville, indiana, in the southern part of the state. we're live in butlerville this afternoon. garrett? reporter: to set the scene, this training exercise, two or three days ago, terrorist set off a nuclear bomb in an american city, killing 50,000 people and injures hundreds of thousands of others. so now members of the national guard, the active military, as well as the air force, they're all here responding, doing search and rescue operations. you can see they are wearing these full hazmat suits to protection themselves from the radiation, and the victims, who actors, are covered we wounds that look very, very real and they're in like to be decome cam
12:35 pm
nateed from the radiation. part of the training is learning how 0 interact with the victims who would be tired, injured, and frankly, scared from what just happened. now, here all across this thousand-acre operation, you have crews wearing these hazmat suits, going from building to building, and we have a shot here. they're just breaking through the wall of a parking structure that has collapsed. they're getting ready to go in there, to search for survivors. all of this, of course, is with the hope and the idea that they will never have to use these skills, about if they ever do need to, the army officials tell us they hope they will be ready because of this. >> shepard: thank you, sir. the feds say fliers deserve better, and feds are right in so many ways. the justice doesn't filed a lawsuit to block a proposed merger between mesh and
12:36 pm
usairways. the justice attend claiming it to kurt our wallet. the lawsuit states: millions of passengers benefit each year from head-to-head competition that this merger would eliminate. the two airlines responds with a joint statement that reads in part: blocking this procompetitive merger will deny customers access to a broader network with more choices. sir, your take on this. >> this all sounds good, very econ 01, but the doj is wrong. there's very little overlap on these carriers. the major winner is sherwin williams repainting airplanes. i don't like mergerses but in most cases -- there's not one community that will go down to one airline as a result of this. in reality several communities will benefit. >> shepard: then what you're saying is this is different from, let's say, delta and
12:37 pm
northwest. delta and northwest had a lot of overhap laps, -- overlaps, delta promised after that merger memphis will not by affected. delta either lied or changed their mind after telling the truth. because memphis is screwed. there was a time when there were eight flights a day from new york and newark and now there are two. >> guess why? 80% of those people on the flights were connecting at memphis. the problem at memphis was not the merger. i know it sounds like it is. we study this stuff. the reality is the 50-seat jet that fed that hub as well as cincinnati, which is being pulled down, they can't make money with oil prices at -- oil at over $100 a barrel. they can't do it. that equipment no longer works. so from that perspective that's why it was put down. the hub works great. the problem is the economics of
12:38 pm
the airplanes change and that's why they did it and there's going to be more of that. help. >> shepard: it's cheaper to have everybody go into atlanta. but with these airlines we're talking about, they have completely different routes and there isn't overlap. >> absolutely no overlap to speak of. now, philadelphia, dallas only two airlines there, only be one. nobody cares. that's not a big issue. most of the overlap is very small. here's an example. sarasota, florida, they have us airways there. when american takes over and the frequent flier base become american? american can fly to its hub in dallas or chicago as well. without that sarasota is not going get the service,. >> shepard: do you think this will go understand? >> i don't know. the department of justice's numbers are bad. their argument is kind of sleazy. just doesn't hold water, especially since they approved prior mergers with more overlap. so i think the airlines have a good choice and communities like
12:39 pm
charlotte will be coming out in favor of the merger. >> shepard: very good to see you. thanks to much for your expertise. >> thank you. >> shepard: serious stuff happening in miami now. this is wsbn, the news station's chopper up there, 7 sky force, and miami fire is on the scene of the old sun trust building, just a well-known builting the miami area, according to miami fire's public information officer, 27 people have been stuck for about an hour as a private company tries unsuccessfully to free them. this doesn't say in an elevator but i assume that's what it means. i don't know how you get 27 people in an elevator -- well, 27 people in an elevator which must have been a trick. there's a tactical public information officer taking pictures inside. these people are stuck there wasn't a fire. there wasn't anything wrong. they're just stuck. and have been for an hour.e goie
12:40 pm
expecting pictures in just a number on what is clearly a very windy day in miami, and when we get more from the building, we'll bring that to you. 27 people stuck for an hour in a -- and a private company has not been able to get them out. miami fire and rescue to the scene. more on that after this. my mantra?
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>> shepard: continuing urgent coverage from earlier. if you like weirdness, i have one for you. right before the commercial the facts were 27 people were stuck. didn't say elevator but i assumed elevator. not like they all stepped in a bunch glue. now i'm told their stuck between the 15th and 27th floor and there's just four of them. so, 27 strawberry pie. we actually have four people stuck in an elevator and it's
12:44 pm
weird because they can't get in the shaft except through the other elevator, and they had to take the other elevator up and now there's trying to make brain between the elevators. would be interesting if there war people stuck for days but it's not, and it's not interesting at all, and i wonder -- i'm sorry they're stuck and all that but i thought the real news was 27 people in the elevator. that would be very clown-carrish. we're used to be in close quarters in new york. its like when you get inen ale visitor in new york, and there's plenty of room for four more people but one more tourist would not dare get in there they're not used to touching each other. the are four people in an elevator stuck in miami. say a little prayer. i guarantee you they'll survive it. and i apologize for wasting your time on this matter. but not a lot. there's word the irs has not yet cleared up the controversy scrutiny of political groups. the chairman of the house ways
12:45 pm
and means committee, an irs employee said screeners still do not have guidance how to handle applications from grouped that seek tax exempt status. republicans say that proof that the agency is still targeting the tea partiers, but democrats argue the g.o.p. is using this to score points. could we have both things at work? steve, tell us what we need to hear. >> this latest witness testified that agents in the cincinnati office are get nothing guidance how -- getting no guidance on how to teal with tax exempt applications. he acknowledged he would give the tea party group extra scrutiny, prompting this reaction from dave camp: it's outrageous that the irs continues to -- this is unwarranted, unblow vocked and at times illegal but democrats say camp is failing to mention
12:46 pm
one important point. this particular screener is not singling out applications but, rather, sending all potential mitt cal advocacy cases for a secondary screening. not only the tea party group. this comes after a larger fight over ther is ircontinues. >> the president said within 30 days someone was going to be held responsible. i think there was a report but i don't remember anybody being held responsible. my question is, how come lois lerner is still collecting a check? >> the former head of the cincinnati office who has been on administrative leave for ten weeks. it's suggested the whole probe is a political witch hunt. our committees have not-under con a scintilla of evidence. unfortunately the facts have not stopped our republican colleagues from lobbying baseless accusations in the cynical hope that people would
12:47 pm
believe them. in new hearing scheduled. >> shepard: let's go back to the elevator. i think it cost wsvn $2,000 an hour to fly that chopper and there it hovers. i bet ralph rayburn is up there. >> i used to live on the 27th 27th floor. >> of what? it's not the 27th floor. 27 was the number that came from the count. the 27 has nothing to do with this. first 27 people in the elevator, then four people on the 27th 27th floor. now there are four people between 15 and 16. >> but stuck on an elevator. >> shepard: highly unfortunate and i think harry -- how long were you stuck in the freight el rater? an hour and a half. got no chopper. >> ever been stuck on an elevator? >> i have not. and harry was stuck in the elevator and got no coverage at all.
12:48 pm
it's discrimination. he doesn't live in south florida, he gets no coverage when he is stuck in an elevator? he should have said maybe there were 27. >> don't we have cameras in the elevators? >> we do but we're not given access. we're watching elevator cam. you used to work for them. >> i did. >> shepard: we love 7. the news station. >> i'm not doing my story now? >> shepard: no. talked right through it. we got elevator cam in there twice. in the latest numbers show college costs are skyrocketing, like you need numbers. the tuition is just the beginning, gerri willis is here to break it down for us.
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>> shepard: summer break is about over for most college students. and for millions of parents that means school bills are piling up and high. according to the college board survey, for the past school year, cost $18,000 tuition, room and board, for a four-year state public school, which meaning nothings nothing. out of state, you're paying a price and for private school, $40,000. doesn't matter. all of those numbers up at least 5% from the previous year. now that matters and since those are the average published numbers there are still thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars costs they do not include. geri, not just tuition. >> books, supplies, transportation, beer, pizza, these are college students after all. so look at the real costs, not
12:53 pm
the averages. the rest cost, $22,261. we include tuition, that's the whole kahuna there. i'm including everything that mom and dad might have to foot the bill for, and this is really the only category of expenses in our economy that is really going up every year. even during the recession, up 5% every single year. >> shepard: because they can. how do you stay in? >> you can borrow whatever you want. what's why the costs go up. you have to enlighten yourself. great web site here, college reality don't you want to know -- if i war to compare two schools, what would the costs look like. you can do the northwest price, minus the sank scholarship money. graduation rates, a lot of theme schools don't graduate 50% of the students. >> shepard: most beautiful campus in america? >> miami university.
12:54 pm
>> shepard: actually, according to forbes, it's ole miss. there's where all children shoo go to school. >> how much does that cost? >> much less than what you put up there. averages don't matter. but percentages have increased. have you ever been stuck in an elevator? >> not with the 27 people you were just talking about. >> shepard: there were only four. there we go. miami fire and rescue on scene. lots of them. when ralph rayburn in sky 7 pulls out, you'll see. a large building. used to be some kind of bank building or something. enough it is a southeast national center, four people, ding, ding, ding, four stuck in an elevator. they've been working to get them out. what would you do if you were stuck in an elevator for an hour and a half? >> i'd been on the phone. >> maybe -- i don't think they're listening to us. if anybody knows anybody stuck is in the elevator, have them call us. rick, would you al low
12:55 pm
good-allocate resources so they can fly over this. >> must beaver slow news day. >> august. >> i know, but always something happening. >> happy they air air conditioning. >> that would blow. the stage manager was in miami said it never hit 90 degrees. i'll read this real quick. they're mad at me. f2 is good. apparently some guy built mountaintop resort on top of a highrise? that's after the break. i am alejandro morales, i was seven months old and my family moved straight to chicago. america is the only country i have ever known. senior year of high school, i was promoted to city court staff commander, i held the rank of cadet brigadier general. i was head of chicago rotc.
12:56 pm
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12:57 pm
well, that went exactly i as planned.. really?
12:58 pm
>> shepard: a wealthy businessman in chine taking heat after he turned his villa into this own private mountain peak. neighbors say the owner spent years building the complex of shrubs and fake rock and hidden
12:59 pm
rooms. the thing supposedly has a swimming pool. reports indicate neighbors complained of leaks in apartments below and claim the guy did a good deal of renovations at night. you seek what the tower used to look like compared to how it looks now. that's just weird. local authorities today said they're giving the owner 15 days to tear down his mountaintop addition or prove he belt it leaguely or else they will tear it down. that's just mean. my understanding is no one is stuck in an elevator in the building. they are in miami, and ralph in sky 7 got video of somebody coming out on a stretcher. look at that. i mean, i don't know if this is connected. i assume it is. but i guess maybe after an hour and a half in an elevator, something could happen. i don't know. but seven sky force got it.
1:00 pm
and 7 news first at 4:00, first at 5:00. 5:30, 10, 1:30, 11:00, all the hours there, they'll show you that person. have a great day. ralph rayburn, best to you. here comes neil. >> neil: he told us we could keep our doctor. maybe he should just keep his healthcare law because he just announced yet another delay and suddenly his most crowning achievement is on life support, and the president maybe by the reason, because today in a nation busy searching for answers, we have just one question. when you keep changing the law, and the timetable for that law, haven't you effectively broken the law? tonight, our lawyer says you have broken something much bigger. a promise and a trust. that now looks more and more like a bait and a switch.
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